Booking Courts

As a playing member of the cricket club, junior or senior, you are also a member of Dumfries Sports Club.

You will need a fob to be able to book and use a court. Ask the staff at the bar, or phone the Club, to purchase one for a small refundable cost if you do not already have one.

You can book squash or tennis courts online by following the link below


That requires a six character user name which comprises the first three letters of your surname and then your first name and also your password (ask for further information if required).

Court costs differ between off-peak and peak times and whether the floodlights are required in the case of the tennis courts. Just check the display for the current pricing structure.

Squash and Racketball
Court cost differs between off-peak and peak times e.g. weekday lunchtimes and evenings.

The amount can be seen for each court time.

Juniors have a further discounted rate which applies at off-peak times and can also be seen at the point of booking.

Please remember that clean non-marking indoor shoes should be used on the squash courts to keep the surface safe and in good condition (a 'non-marking' identifier is generally present on the sole of the shoe).

A court cost essentially differs on the need for the floodlights. A junior discount applies for the latter. Daylight courts generally just require a booking fee.

At the Club
The online functionality is also available at the court kiosk inside the Club. Apply your fob and follow the instructions.

Paying for a court
You will need to have funds in your account. Coin payment can be made at the unit inside the Club or there is an online mechanism.

Using a court
You have made the booking. Your name will be visible on the system and the court fob unit. Your opponent will then also need to apply their fob and their fee will be deducted from their account.

Any questions please ask someone, for example at the bar.